Harvest Kids exists to partner with families to help kids know and follow Jesus. We offer a fun, safe, age-specific experience for newborns through 5th grade during all of our weekend services.

  During this time we provide engaging interactive online services for both Preschool and Elementary kids as well as resources to continue the conversation at home.

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  August is here and we have a great way for your Preschooler and Elementary kid to engage in our weekly online services. In addition to the great service, we'll gift you an at-home craft kit you can do with your child. Each kit will contain fun interactive activities that correspond to our weekly services, treats, and other goodies for the whole family.

Email us at kids@harvestflorida.org to arrange to pick your kit

Preschool Online Service 



Preschool Parent Guide 

Your guide to making this service come alive at home


Preschool Theme and Overview


June and July are all about what we can spy with our little eyes. Get ready for I Spy! It’s a great theme that not only helps us see the things that help us believe in Jesus, but it also goes right along with our VBS theme, Focus. Get it? Focus. I Spy. It’s all about the eyes.

   Whether it’s in our curriculum or VBS, we are helping preschoolers see so they can believe in Jesus. We will have one key question and bottom line for June and July. We don’t think we can say these too much. They are that good. Get ready to ask, “who can believe in Jesus” and respond with, “I can believe in Jesus,” over and over again. Our hope is that each of your preschoolers will have the truth that they can believe in Jesus with them forever.

Check out this month's Preschool overview and weekly summary here


Elementary Online Service

Elementary Parent Guide

Your guide to taking this service into your home

Elementary Daily Devos






Elementary Theme and Overview




G O D V I E W :


   When we look outside and see the beautiful world around us, we’re reminded that God is SO great, powerful, and creative. From the birds flying high in the sky to the planets orbiting the sun to animals scampering around the earth, each one points to God’s indescribable creativity. Jesus used creativity in how He told parables, performed miracles, and helped His followers understand more about what it means to be part of God’s Kingdom. On top of that, we’re created in God’s image. We can solve problems, create art and music, design skyscrapers high into the sky. When we create, we reflect the image of God to the world around us.

Check out this month's Elementary overview and weekly summary here 

Parent Resources


We want to partner with you to help your child grow in their walk with Jesus. One way to do that is to download the “Parent Cue” app from your smartphone’s app store and follow Harvest Community Church. It features the music in your child’s group, Bible story content, and cues for you to engage your child during the week.


Harvest Kids Weekly (3)HARVEST KIDS WEEKLY
This tool equips parents to recap Sunday's truths with their kids, get informed about upcoming news/events, and empower you to parent at a new level. It's all about making you win as a parent! Click here to sign-up and stay connected with Harvest Kids Weekly.





One of the greatest ways to partner with us in the development of your children is to volunteer in one of our kids' environments. You will use your gifts to help establish long-lasting faith and help families win. You can serve weekly or monthly. Let us know if you're interested. Click here to join the team.