Harvest Kids exists to partner with families to help kids know and follow Jesus. We offer a fun, safe, age-specific experience for newborns through 5th grade during all of our weekend services. We welcome your family to join us for our 10 am service or online.

Coming on Sunday? Awesome! We can't wait to meet the family. We want your family to have the best, safe, and most fun experience possible.  For in-person services, we're doing everything we can to maintain a clean and safe environment for the kids and volunteers in our Kids spaces.

Here's what you can expect:

    • Temp checks + hand sanitizer for kids before entering the Kids area
    • Masks required for everyone in grades K-5th
    • Limited room capacity so we can do our best to spread kids out. (first come, first served)
    • Enhanced cleaning protocols in all spaces
    • Food, snacks, and drinks won't be given during service
    • All Kids volunteers and staff are background-checked and trained before they start volunteering—so know that your kids are in safe hands
    • At Kids Check-In, your family is assigned a random, three-digit alpha-numeric code that is on your child’s name tag and your security tag. You will use your security tag to pick up your child in their classroom after the service.

Let us know you are coming and PRE-REGISTER YOUR KID/S for a quick and smooth check-in process.

Well-Child Policy
If your kid feels sick at home, they'll feel sick at church. We want all of our kids to remain healthy and happy, so we ask that kids be kept at home if they're not feeling well. We'll be very excited to see them the following week!


We provide engaging interactive online services for both Preschool and Elementary kids as well as resources to continue the conversation at home. You can find worship services, Parent Resources, and devotions. Everything you need to make Harvest Kids come alive at home!

Go to the Harvest Kids @Home website and Follow us on the Parent Cue APP for more videos and resources.

Preschool Theme and Overview


This month is going to be Out of This World! We are going to use this fun and exciting theme to help teach preschoolers about the most amazing thing ever, which turns out isn’t a thing at all. No! He’s a person! You know who I’m talking about

– Jesus! We are teaching preschoolers that Jesus is amazing! And, we’re doing it by sharing stories about some of Jesus’ amazing miracles.

Jesus displayed an amazing understanding of God when He was at the temple as just a young boy. The people who heard Him were amazed! Jesus calmed a storm with just a word. Amazing! Jesus filled fishermen’s nets with fish. Amazing! Jesus healed a blind man with mud and spit. Amazing!

This world, well this universe, is filled with amazing things, but nothing will ever be more amazing than the One who created it all. Jesus is amazing, and we want our preschoolers to know it!

Check out this month's Preschool overview and weekly summary here


Elementary Theme and Overview




G O D V I E W :



The psalmist wrote, The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, (NIrV). God is the author of creation, and God has entrusted us to care for and cultivate it. We do that by taking responsibility. From the work we need to accomplish to people we meet to the words we use; life is filled with moments where we can decide to reflect God’s character, take responsibility, and use what we have wisely. When we follow through and do what needs to be done, we can point others to Jesus, the One who took the ultimate responsibility for us and made it possible for us to be with God forever.

Check out this month's Elementary overview and weekly summary here 

Parent Resources


We want to partner with you to help your child grow in their walk with Jesus. One way to do that is to download the “Parent Cue” app from your smartphone’s app store and follow Harvest Community Church. It features the music in your child’s group, Bible story content, and cues for you to engage your child during the week.


Harvest Kids Weekly (3)HARVEST KIDS WEEKLY
This tool equips parents to recap Sunday's truths with their kids, get informed about upcoming news/events, and empower you to parent at a new level. It's all about making you win as a parent! Click here to sign-up and stay connected with Harvest Kids Weekly.





One of the greatest ways to partner with us in the development of your children is to volunteer in one of our kids' environments. You will use your gifts to help establish long-lasting faith and help families win. You can serve weekly or monthly. Let us know if you're interested. Click here to join the team.