Don't go through this alone

You matter to God and you matter to us. We want you to feel the power of God’s love and His ability to transform life’s difficulties into opportunities to grow closer to Him.

Need Prayer?

Can we pray for you? Fill out our online prayer request form. Our team will be praying for you by name!

Harvest Care Team

Do you want to connect with someone from our Care Team for some 1-on-1 encouragement, prayer or coaching? We're available for an online meeting throughout the week. Reserve a time.

Counseling Referral

Are you looking for a professional counseling referral? Email to get in touch.

Financial Assistance

Do you need financial assistance? Complete the application. Please note: the decision process takes about 7-10 days for our Care Team to complete. Also, at this time, we are only processing requests for those who participate in Harvest Community Church.

Here's a list of community resources in our area.

Can You Help?

We're building a support team. If you can help fund the financial assistance needs facing the Harvest Community Church family, donate to the benevolence/COVID-19 fund.