Helping people know and follow Jesus this Halloween


Halloween provides an amazing opportunity each year to build friendships with those in your neighborhood. How are you leveraging the opportunity this year? At Harvest we are people helping people know and follow Jesus. When it comes to our neighborhood, therefore, we want to get to know our neighbors and find ways to build real friendships. We desire that people who don’t know Jesus yet would have the chance to know us— as people who follow Jesus. 

This year in Lake Nona, St. Cloud, Moss Park, and our other Orlando-area neighborhoods we have the chance to make some positive connections with others. Below are a few ideas to prime your thinking, but let’s all commit to do something!

Pumpkin Carving Party

This is a great tool for Community Groups or those trying to build one in their neighborhood. 

Big Idea: Host a bring-your-own-pumpkin party for neighbors and get together to carve pumpkins.

You provide the carving tools, some refreshments, music, and a reason to get together. This could be something a Community Group can do together, inviting other neighbors to join in! The win is getting to know other parents in your neighborhood.

Here are a couple of links to ideas on throwing a pumpkin carving party:

Group gathering and trick-or-treating.

Big Idea: Community Groups or groups of friends gather at one house to hand out a ton of candy while partnering on taking kids trick-or-treating.

 Why not invite your group to join in together, traveling the neighborhood as a team to go trick or treating with some of the parents while the others stay behind together to eat, socialize and meet the neighbors? Here are a couple “pro-tips:”

  1. Adults wear Harvest T-shirts. When multiple people travel together wearing the same t-shirt you spark questions like “what is Harvest?”
  2. Give out quality and a good quantity of candy. If multiple families have gathered together then hand out multiple buckets of candy.

The bottom line is, while there are difficult spiritual roots to Halloween that should be taken seriously and treated liberally with prayer, this provides a moment in the annual calendar to meet and further relationships with your neighbors. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

P.S. If you’d like to know more about how to engage others with Jesus, we train people every month during Growth Track: Step Three.