Easter Giving Challenge

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What if our church was known for our generosity? What if we were known by who we were for? This Easter, we invite you to help us make love visible with practical acts of kindness for our community.

Some of you are struggling with the crazy season we're in, but you're in a good place financially. You have financial means.

  1. If you have extra now, we're asking you to help us prepare to meet the needs of those in the Harvest community who will have significant financial needs in the months ahead. Help us prepare to meet those needs!
  2. What's more, we have a chance to bless others in our community. Let's make God's love visible by blessing our community. We've decided to target health care workers at our local hospitals and find a way to bless them following Easter!

So, will you set aside something above and beyond your normal giving to bless our community? Together, we can make a difference! And that difference can make a lasting impact on the lives of people in our community!

Click our GIVING LINK, then choose "Benevolence/COVID-19 support" for the fund. All proceeds will be set aside for this challenge.