A Response to the the Killing of George Floyd


The leadership of Harvest Community Church has a joint statement to release in response to the tragic events that have played out this week in Minneapolis in the senseless killing of George Floyd. We don’t trust that this statement is sufficient but it is a starting point. Something has to be said and we cannot remain silent in the midst of injustice.

Heartbroken seems to be the word that comes to mind, but it falls short of the true emotion this event has brought to the forefront. At Harvest, we believe that every person is sacred from the moment of conception until death. It is a violation of God’s glory anytime the murder of one of God’s image-bearers takes place. We mourn this life and we pray for justice

The killing of George Floyd has captured all of our attention at this moment. For us, as for many of you, there is also an awakening to the harsh reality of how deep the roots of racism still run. As the leadership of Harvest, we confess that something needs to change.

We are making the following commitments:

  1. For change to happen it must first begin in the heart of the individual. We are committing to continue to educate ourselves about the problems of race that still exist in our world. First by reading the book: The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby. Our staff will read and discuss this in June. We invite you to join us on this journey.
  2. We will dedicate a Sunday conversation every year to the topic of injustice by hosting an International Day of Justice. Our first is scheduled for January 17th, 2021.
  3. We are committed to being part of the change as we partner with other local churches in the ministry of the gospel.
  4. We are committed to listening more!

This might not be much but it is a start. We can no longer hide behind the cliche of simply saying, “I’m not a racist!” That isn’t good enough. We have to be committed to helping bring about change.

We know that Harvest Community Church cannot do all that must be done. However, we can do our part in partnering with other local churches. This is something we have to be in for the long haul.

To our friends of color that call Harvest home - We see you, we value you, we stand with you and we love you deeply.

Let Psalm 10 be our lament in this season. That is my daily prayer and I ask that you pray it with me.


Standing with you,

Pastor Lee

with Micah Hutchison, Joel Lopez, Javier Sola, Ramon Garcia, and Caleb Smith

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