21 Days of Prayer, Day 9

Read Acts 1:1-11.

After Jesus’ resurrection he appeared to his disciples in numerous times and ways over 40 days. In his final instructions to them before ascending to heaven, not to tread foot upon the earth for the subsequent 2 millennia, he tells them to wait. Stay in Jerusalem. Until the Holy Spirit comes. Then, they are to go. Not just to their community or region but everywhere.

CF970D68-BBC1-499F-81AC-45FED13736FEThe rest of the book of Acts recounts the explosive, multiplying power of the spread of the gospel, through the preaching of Jesus’ disciples, empowered by the Holy Spirit. The number of believers multiplied. The places Jesus followers lived spread. From then, until the present, the Church has grown and spread throughout the world.

At Harvest we have a saying that “we don’t lead to maintain but to multiply.” The mission of helping people know and follow Jesus is too big to think in terms of holding ground! The church is a movement not a destination. We’re more of a battleship than a cruise ship. 

How is God asking you to be part of a movement of multiplying followers of Jesus?


  • For direction for 2019 into who God is asking you to reach out to.
  • For 3 people you know who don’t know Jesus.
  • That God will make Harvest a church that multiplies followers of Jesus, groups, leaders, and congregations!