21 Days of Prayer, Day 16

We are a people helping people know and follow Jesus. How do we follow Jesus? I don’t see him any more than you do. I don’t audibly hear him providing instruction on our direction. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have the same benefit of the first disciples who walked and talked with Jesus? How incredible that must have been!

Despite that, as Jesus prepared to leave them, he told them his departure was a good thing and that they would be better off after he left. Check this out by reading John 16:5-15.

4305CB76-331B-4F11-BB5C-061A9586512AVerse 7 sounds amazing when you think about it. “It is to your advantage that I go away...” Jesus tells his disciples that they are better off without him, at least without him physically present with them. The reason is that after his departure (his ascension to Heaven following his resurrection) he would send the Holy Spirit.

“...for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.” (John 16:7b)

The Spirit inside us beats Jesus alongside us. Don’t miss that! The work of knowing and following Jesus depends upon the work of the Holy Spirit who empowers and guides us.

While there is much that the Bible teaches us about the nature and work of the Holy Spirit, here are a few points that stand out from this passage. The Holy Spirit will:

  • convict people of sin and the reality of Jesus (vs 8-11).
  • guide believers into truth & Jesus’ will (v. 13).
  • glorify Jesus (v. 14).

Tomorrow we will look at how the Spirit empowers us collectively as the church to fulfill the mission of Jesus. Then we will look at how God’s Word is the key instrument the Holy Spirit uses to guide our knowing and following of Jesus.

Today, spend some time in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to empower you personally for your own knowledge of, faith in, and obedience to Jesus.


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