21 Days of Prayer, Day 13

A24AD4B4-4630-47E4-87DF-3B55EE1D1F67Read and pray through Psalm 16. God alone is the source of every good thing in life. It is easy in our modern lives to embrace a materialistic view of our daily lives, forgetting that God is the source of life and our provision.

Verses 5-6 express trust and contentment in God’s provision. Take time to express gratitude to God for his loving and wise provision in your life.

Another challenge we face is that we love other things in life more than God. Our greatest reward is to know and experience God. Do you feel the same way? Are there other things in life, even good things, that have crowded out the place God should have as your most important love?


  • That God will help you to love him more than anything!

  • Thank God for the good that is in your life.

  • Thank God for the challenges that He is present to help you face.

  • Will you pray for Harvest? Pray that God will stir the hearts of people to give generously of time and finances to propel the movement forward.