21 Days of Prayer, Day 12

Do you want a deeper and more abundant life with God this year?

In John 15 Jesus speaks a profound truth to his disciples about the source of their life and spiritual growth.
81C6709F-37E8-4648-9721-D7E4567889CEYou may think that the key to Christian maturity is hard work. Let’s say there’s an area you struggle to overcome in your life that’s holding you back like anger. You’ve seen the affects that a sharp word has on your coworkers and on your own children. Perhaps you’ve decided, I’m really going to work on my anger! This year, I want to show more patience to the people around me.

Well that sounds great but if you’re anything like most people deciding to do better doesn’t just lead to more results. Despite what you may think much of our growth in following Jesus is accomplished indirectly. Instead of working harder to do better, Jesus asks you to shift your focus. Instead of focusing on the “fruit” you want to see more of— like patience— focus more on him. Focusing your attention on Jesus- abiding in him— leads to godly fruit in your life.

Ask yourself how much you’re benefitting from the following ways to abide in or focus on Jesus:

  • How often am I starting my day with prayer and reading the Bible?
  • How consistently do I obey what I learn from Jesus in the Bible (see verses 9 & 10)?
  • How often do I pause to pray and connect focus on Jesus when I feel stressed, angry, confused, worried, or other such emotions?
  • Do I listen to music that helps me focus on Jesus?
  • Do I prioritize attending worship services as a way to focus on Jesus?
  • What does my love for others reveal about my love for Jesus (see verse 12)?

Pray that God will pull your life in the direction of trust, prayer, obedience and joy as you focus on Jesus.

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