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21 Days of Prayer, Day 18

No other work of literature compares to the Bible. It is comprised of 66 books written over a span of about 1500 years by approximately 40 human authors. These books are a combination of historical books, law, poetry, wisdom literature, prophecy, gospels, narrative history, and epistles (letters). Despite these wide differences, the Bible tells a unified story of the natu...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 17

Yesterday's post highlighted the amazing statement of Jesus regarding him leaving:"It is to your advantage that I go away," he said, "for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you" (John 16:7). Jesus also made this hard to fathom claim:"Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and ...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 16

We are a people helping people know and follow Jesus. How do we follow Jesus? I don't see him any more than you do. I don't audibly hear him providing instruction on our direction. Wouldn't it have been nice to have the same benefit of the first disciples who walked and talked with Jesus? How incredible that must have been! Despite that, as Jesus prepared to leave them, h...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 15

At Harvest, one of our distinctives is that we chose to take the hill and to take it together. We are dedicated to the mission of helping people know and follow Jesus. We are also dedicated to doing that together. What do you think is more important, the mission or the team? If it took you a moment to wrestle with your answer, that's good! They are both matter. People matt...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 14

This morning, take time to worship the Lord! There's something powerful about gathering together with other Christians to sing and worship and learn from God's word. It only fuels the time of worship together when you come having prepared your heart in worship already. Psalm 100 is a short song of praise that will help you set focus on God's greatness. "Shout for joy to ...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 13

Read and pray through Psalm 16. God alone is the source of every good thing in life. It is easy in our modern lives to embrace a materialistic view of our daily lives, forgetting that God is the source of life and our provision. Verses 5-6 express trust and contentment in God's provision. Take time to express gratitude to God for his loving and wise provision in your life...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 12

Do you want a deeper and more abundant life with God this year? In John 15 Jesus speaks a profound truth to his disciples about the source of their life and spiritual growth.You may think that the key to Christian maturity is hard work. Let's say there's an area you struggle to overcome in your life that's holding you back like anger. You've seen the affects that a sharp ...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 11

What if you repeated kindergarten each year? Not because of any lack of ability or capacity, just lack of desire and willingness to progress? Think about all of the missed opportunities for reading, study, understanding more advanced math, the ability to write out an argument and to understand the world better? Now imagine your own spiritualmaturity stopped in "Christian ...

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21 Days of Prayer, day 10

You can give without loving but can you love without giving? I can do the right things without the right motives. I've done it before. Even to people I love. I've given my kids something they wanted before with the sole motivation that they stop bothering me. This was a gift without love. If there was a star chart for godly behavior I didn't earn a star for that one. 1 C...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 9

Read Acts 1:1-11. After Jesus' resurrection he appeared to his disciples in numerous times and ways over 40 days. In his final instructions to them before ascending to heaven, not to tread foot upon the earth for the subsequent 2 millennia, he tells them to wait. Stay in Jerusalem. Until the Holy Spirit comes. Then, they are to go. Not just to their community or region bu...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 8

Our hope can never reside in the ability of any human institution to bring perfect justice. Sometimes American Christians fail to understand the limitations caused by sin and look for something utopian from our government. This view can lead to equating one political movement or another as being the clear carrier of God's blessing. Other times believers err in the other d...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 7

Read Psalm 9 The tone of this Psalm of David is one of praise and celebratory trust in the LORD who has and will act for His people. Take some time this Sunday morning to read it through and make the prayers and praises personal. Sometimes in the Psalms there are specific historical references about ancient Israel. These may be a challenge to make personal. And yet, the r...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 6

The gospel is what makes Christianity different from every other faith in the world. Maybe you grew up in church, maybe you didn't. For those of you who grew up going to church but didn't hear a lot of good news, something was missing. That something was probably the gospel. The gospel literally means "good news." If your past experience with religion felt more like bad ne...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 5

Read Romans 8:31-39. As the conclusion to a majestic chapter of Scripture, this passage speaks to a godly view of risk for Jesus followers. At Harvest, one of our distinctive relates to risk: We don't play it safe, we follow Jesus. Jesus never cast following him as a safe endeavor. Maybe you've believed that if you follow Jesus perfectly, he will ensure that no ha...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 4

Yesterday's post focused on the clear things we need to stop in 2019: if it's a sin issue, that should be on your stop doing list! Not everything is so clear. We also have particular vocations and relationships in our lives that require wisdom in how we prioritize our time and energy. Is there one thing in your life right now that isn't a bad thing it just isn't the best ...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 3

"Stop doing that." If you're a parent, I'm sure you've said this before! Stop making that sound, or that face, or poking your sister, or drawing on the wall. Stop. It can be a very freeing thought to eliminate something that you don't want happening anymore! As you enter 2019, what's one thing you should stop doing? Let's look at the easy options first. The Bible is reall...

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21 Days of Prayer - Day 2


As you think about and plan for 2019, what is one thing you desire of God? Do you ever feel wrong about asking God for things that you want? If so, think about it for a moment. If God is your Heavenly Father, isn't it natural to express your needs and desires to him? Jesus talked a lot about prayer. Matthew 6:25-34 are some of Jesus words from what is called the Sermon on ...

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21 Days of Prayer, Day 1

Way to go! You've decided to take time at the start of this year to invite God to move in your life and through our church. As we kick off this 21 Days of Prayer initiative, let me ask, are you looking ahead to the future with a sense of fear or faith? In Sunday's message, pastor Lee referenced Hebrews 13:5. Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with wh...

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